Current research

Title Principal investigator Start date End date
Data fusion of complex-structured metabolomics data Johan Westerhuis
Data processing strategies for uniform metabolite quantification Theo Reijmers
Development of a generic steroid platform, using adipose tissue as a model system Arjan Brenkman
Plant Genetical Metabolomics for mapping populations of both Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato fruit Ric de Vos
Combining metabolomics data with physico-chemical, thermo-dynamical and biochemical knowledge Johan Westerhuis
Identification of metabolites using high resolution MSn: novel tools for data acquisition and spectral tree interpretation Rob Vreeken
Nano/micro sampling for local metabolomics Heiko van der Linden
Metabolic asessment of the impact of dietary intervention on global cardiometabolic risk (DCMR) Ruud Berger
Top down identification of unknown metabolites: structure generation and candidate rejection Leon Coulier
Global dynamic modelling of metabolomics data Huub Hoefsloot
Preprocessing of hyphenated analytical data Uwe Thissen
Generic methods for quantitative profiling of peptides and their posttranslational modifications in body fluids and cells/tissues: development and application in disease model systems Jo Höppener
Diet gut interactions: effect of food formats (DGFF) Ric de Vos
Emerging time-resolved metabolomics data structures from in-silico networks Huub Hoefsloot
Development of algorithms or rule-based tools for identification of metabolites from high resolution mass spectral trees Theo Reijmers
Comprehensive LCxLC-MS metabolite profiling: quantitative and sensitive detection of small differences Rob Vreeken
Metabolic asessment of the impact of dietary intervention on global cardiometabolic risk (DCMR) Thomas Hankemeier
Metabolomics studies on the effect of dietary interventions on body weight and body composition (DWM Thomas Hankemeier
Power analysis of metabolomics studies Fred van Eeuwijk
Single-cell metabolomics using a novel nano-/microfluidic cell platform Heiko van der Linden
Metabolic biomarkers for oxidative and nitrosative stress Leo Klomp
Quantitative profiling of the metabolic requirements of mammalian cells; the central carbon Arjan Brenkman January, 2011
Inferring network information from time resolved metabolomics data Margriet Hendriks
NMR/MS based prediction Jacques Vervoort
Understanding and improving ionisation in LC-MS towards more quantitative metabolite data Thomas Hankemeier
Gut and immune health (GIH) A7-2 Thomas Hankemeier
Metabolomics in plant-microbe interactions Ric de Vos
Experimental designs for time-resolved metabolomics experiments Age Smilde
Systematic metabolite identification strategies using LC-SPE-NMR-MSn Ric de Vos
Metabolomic profiling of lipid mediators in chronic inflammatory disorders Eric Kalkhoven
Plasma driven network biology in metabolomics based biomarker research Ben van Ommen
Comprehensive interface for LCxLC-MS Heiko van der Linden