Metabolic asessment of the impact of dietary intervention on global cardiometabolic risk (DCMR)

It was deemed necessary to implement two metabolic profiling platforms that were not yet available in the DCL. The HILIC (LC-MS) platform was of interest for obtaining a broad view on central metabolism but its development within this project was abandoned due to technical problems. Oxylipids allow a view on inflammatory tone and an LC-MS profiling platform has been implemented in collaboration with USDA (John Newman) 

The platform has been further extended in collaboration with the QP2d Core project (Strassburg, in preparation). Novel data-analysis methods have been developed for detecting subtle effect of dietary interventions in humans (Szymanska, 2010). Samples of a first nutritional intervention study (BCL) have been profiled by the lipidomics platform implemented at DCL. This revealed yet unknown involvement of lipidomic response to plant sterol dietary intervention (Szymanska, to be submitted)

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Diet and Cardiometabolic Risk
PD 1-1-09
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