Stable single walled carbon nanotube-streptavidin complex for bio-recognition

A novel method is described for preparing single walled carbon nanotube (SWNT)−streptavidin complexes via the biotin−streptavidin recognition. The complex shows stability in 18 days, strong biotin recognition capability, and excellent loading capacity (about 1 streptavidin tetramer per 20 nm of SWNT). Capturing biotinylated DNA, fluorophores, and Au nanoparticles (NPs) on the SWNT−streptavidin complexes demonstrates their usefulness as a docking matrix, for instance for electron microscopy studies, a technique requiring a virtually electron transparent support.

Z.F. Liu, F. Galli, K.G.H. Janssen, L.H. Jiang, H.J. van der Linden, D.C. de Geus, P. Voskamp, M.E. Kuil, R.C.L. Olsthoorn, T.H. Oosterkamp, T. Hankemeier, J.P. Abrahams
Publication data (text): 
2010; 114 (10): 4345-4352
Published in: 
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Date of publication: 
March, 2010
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