P18 is a tumor suppressor gene involved in human medullary thyroid carcinoma and pheochromocytoma development

In multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome Type 2 (MEN2), medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) and pheochromocytoma (PC) are associated with hereditary activating germ-line mutations in the RET proto-oncogene. Also in a large percentage of sporadic MTCs and PCs, somatic RET mutations appear to be involved in tumor formation. In one single MEN2 family an extensive variety in disease expression may be observed, indicating that additional genetic events are responsible for progression of the disease towards a more aggressive phenotype. However, these additional mutations in both hereditary and sporadic MTC and PC development are largely unknown. Here, we show for the first time the presence of somatic mutations in the cell cycle regulator P18 in human RET-associated MTCs and PCs. Each of these mutations causes an amino acid substitution in the cyclin dependent kinase-interacting region of P18(INK4C). Since these mutations partly inhibited P18(INK4C) function and reduced its stability, our findings implicate P18 as a tumor suppressor gene involved in human MTC and PC development.

W. van Veelen , R. Klompmaker , M. Gloerich, C.J.R. van Gasteren, E. Kalkhoven, R. Berger, C.J.M. Lips, R.H. Medema, J.W.M. Höppener, D.S. Acton
Publication data (text): 
2009 Jan 15
2009; 124 (2): 339-345
Published in: 
International Journal of Cancer
Date of publication: 
January, 2009
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